Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dreaming up an outfit

Every now and then I see something online, or in a shop, that sparks all sorts of outfit planning in my head. Generally these outfit plans revolve around the piece I've seen and usually only one item I have in my's not the best plan for money saving, but then I rarely end up buying all the components for my make believe outfits, so it doesn't hurt me to dream! :) Todays outfit day dream revolves around TOMS new Zebra shoes and some green trousers I already have (which in my head can also be replaced with my red, maroon and blue trousers for different effects). Here's my daydreaming:
Gold Worlds Links Necklace from uncommongoods. I fell in love with this necklace the moment I saw it. It's gorgeous, I love the world, and this just makes me want to travel! 
Lace Back T-shirt from Kookai EU. I tried this on in the shop whilst shopping with my Mum and sister, we weren't convinced it was worth 80CHF, but it sure is pretty and fit ever so comfortably, and this outfit is all about comfort. 
Green trousers, these are from River Island, but mine are from Emerson in Big W.  I think neutrals look nicer near my face, so I love coloured trousers for adding colour to my wardrobe. :) 
Finally, the Zebra shoes from TOMS. Aren't they cool? I think so. :)
So there you go, the little outfit occupying my mind at the moment. I can totally see myself wearing this in South Africa, or Australia. :)