Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bubble Flowers

The kids at work have been loving the bubbles we've been blowing outside. I love how excited they get when I pull them out. They have all also been super keen to try and blow the bubbles. Since we haven't done much art in the room I thought I would build on the bubble blowing to make some bubble art. I found this on pinterest, and thought I'd give it a test drive this weekend before trying it with the kids (the pin hole in the straw is a pretty nifty tip). I couldn't find any tempera paint, so I don't know how well that paint works, but ordinary washable paint didn't seem to have much affect on the bubble's colours. It is possible I needed to use more paint than I had available. However, food colouring did work. For the best effect I blew a whole bunch of bubbles and then dropped in the food colouring, it had the added bonus of looking super cool too!
I think this one may be worth trying with the kids this week. :)

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