Wednesday, 14 November 2012


For what has felt like the last month my hair has been looking horrendous, well, I've felt like it's been looking horrendous. It wasn't too bad tied back...but it was frizzy and pouffy and would kink in all the places it had been tied back at. I was not liking it, and put it down to the humidity in Sydney.

We have recently been fluctuating in temperatures here in Sydney. We've had days were the temperatures have gotten up to 30 degrees centigrade, and others were the days have been as cool as 15 degrees centigrade. The humidity, however, has been happily sitting at 60% plus, some days getting as high as 85%. So it's been humid. It sucks. I can definitely say I HATE humidity. I can see no benefits of humidity. It makes things hotter and stickier and so much more uncomfortable. I shall melt away this summer...

I hadn't put my hair problems entirely down to the humidity until we went back to Canberra this weekend (which has a humidity of 40% throughout the weekend) and my hair was back to it's usual gorgeous self. I did the obligatory 'google' for hair in humidity and found that soma anti-frizz shampoo should do the trick. Sure enough, my hair is now back to its former glory! Yay!

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