Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Another 365 Update

35/365 - Lime and strawberries. Yummo!

36/365 - I got paid AND we got the bond back. Yays!

37/365 - Prep for our flower wall. :)
I finally got paid. Apparently I wrote my bank details wrong, but it's all been sorted now, yay! We also got our bond back from our old place, so we currently feel like we're swimming in money compared to the $30 we had in our bank accounts. So, we're pretty excited! 
Other than that life has been pretty normal. :)


  1. Money is good, I love it when I have some lol x

    1. It is so nice! It's also funny how your perspective of 'a lot of money' changes as you grow up. When I was younger I would have thought $30 was swimming in money!