Sunday, 10 February 2013

What's Up in My Life?

38/365 - What our bedroom looks like at the moment. There's not much there, but we love it. 

39/365 - We went out that night, not much time for a photo. I love my colourful tape though!

40/365 - I bought some gorgeous fabric from Ikea to make some cute room decorations for work. 
41/365 - We also bought the little side table we wanted from Ikea, and I spruced it up a bit with some fabric. Then today I got a cute Koala USB stick for work related things.

What's up in my life?
I've been getting into work early this week so that I can do some laminating and decorating for our room. The flower mural is coming along nicely.

I came up with the super cheesy idea of adding roots to our flowers. We will then put photos of the children's families in the roots as part of our whole 'belonging' thing. You know, because their roots are with their families and now they are belonging to a new group, our Nursery room/our centre.

James' dad started his new job, which means he was in Sydney so he came round to see our new apartment, and then took us out for dinner. Apparently his office is bigger than our apartment. We're 22 and have one income, he is in his 50's and a CEO, I am not too bothered by this.

The Toddler roomleader is annoying us in our room at the moment. We're trying to sort it out.

James surprised me with a bubble bath and candles this week. Was very sweet, and very relaxing. :)

We have two new babies starting in our room next week. They are babies, and not tiny tots, so not on solids, not walking, all that jazz. This means we will have three babies, thankfully, we'll only ever have two on the same day. One of them is allergic to dairy and soy, and has also not been switched to a bottle it will be interesting.

We went shopping! I have missed shopping so much, been not buying things for quite some time because they aren't super necessities. I got more shampoo, and extra deodorant so I have one for work and one for home, sunscreen because it's sunny when I walk to work, face cream, face wipes, nail varnish (just because), two SUPER comfy pairs of black trousers for work (seriously the most comfy trousers I have ever worn, they are so easy to move in too!), a bubble gun, the cute USB stick above, a new To Do list pad, cute A5 notebooks for me and my colleague to write notes about our focus children in, cute pens to write said notes with (cute stationary makes work WAY more fun in my opinion, and this stuff is strictly for our room!), and some whiteboard markers and crayons for our day of the week clouds where we will be displaying photos of what the children did that day (means we can write the date on them in fun colours!). There was quite a bit bought for work, but most of it was for me to use at work...although walking through the kids section of Ikea I was so tempted to buy LOADS of toys for the children...I resisted!

We have a massive TV. After getting the bond, the first thing James wanted to do was buy a new TV. I let him. We now own a 42" TV. It's HUGE, like 4 times the size of the one we had before. Haha. It's pretty cool though.

That's been my week. :)

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