Saturday, 23 February 2013

Colour Inspiration



I have been driving myself, and James, crazy with decoration ideas for our place. I am super happy with our new painting purchase for our bedroom, and using those colours to inspire (or 'inspirate' for any of you watching My Kitchen Rules) the colours we use in the bedroom. I am now, however, super confused about what to do in our main area. I really like our new bedroom colours, and kind of want the rest of the apartment to have similar colours, but not the same, if that makes any sense at all. I don't think I like any of the colours we original chose as our colour inspiration anymore, so I've been doing a bit of pinterest searching. Above are some of the colours I am really loving at the moment, they are very fresh and happy, and I love them...BUT I know that once it become winter and dark and cold, I will want home colours to reflect it...Oh I'm so confused! I really do overcomplicate things. I always realise how silly I am with my overcomplicating when I write posts like this...

In other news, we have recently discovered Darling Harbour puts on a firework show about three times a month, so our balcony looking out towards Darling Harbour is pretty awesome, and once we get some chairs and a table out there we can be sipping G&T's watching some fireworks, living the high life.

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