Sunday, 3 February 2013

On my lonesome

34/365 - not overly colourful, but it is golds/coppers/creams, pretty colours.

James has gone back to Canberra, for the Super Bowl, so I am alone for a couple of nights since I have work. :) Whilst I do love James' company, it is nice to have time to myself. I don't get much alone time, I'm either at work or at home with James. Walking to and from work is the only time I kind of 'truly' get to myself. So, I am enjoying time on my own. I've done some tidying, had a nap, made dinner, done the dishes and enjoyed some TV. I enjoy the quiet and calmness that comes with my own company.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of having a nice bath when I get back from work, and maybe painting my nails. It's nice having some time to myself. :)