Saturday, 2 February 2013

More 365

29/365 - The results of the painting I did on my day off.  
30/365 - lots of hugs from the kids at work makes me feel pretty loved.

31/365 - Technically not my photo, James took it, but with my camera and to show me, so counts enough for me. He did have some 'better' photos, but I love this one.

32/365 - It rained a LOT yesterday.

33/365 - A little insight into whats on our bookshelf. 

In life related news this week has been a bit...odd. I loved my day off, and been really enjoying being back at work. My Nursery colleague and I have been making a lot of progress in finding a routine that works with all the children and their sleep and eating needs, we've also got some exciting ideas for decorations and holiday arts and crafts that are coming along nicely, so it's been feeling very positive at work. However, I've got issues to sort out with work. Wednesday was supposed to be pay day, but I have yet to receive any pay, which kind of sucks since we were relying on it. Apparently everyone actually gets paid on the Wednesday, rather than the money going out that day, so it's quite concerning, and a little frustrating that I have to sort it all out. Otherwise, lovely week. :) 
This photo stuff is proving to be a challenge...I really struggled to get photos this week. I may find myself doing a whole bunch of colourful pictures to photograph as photos for the day, which isn't all bad, but not quite what I had in mind. 

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