Saturday, 2 March 2013

Living Life

I skyped with my parents today, and was told that apparently my last post 'left things hanging'. So, I thought I should do a little update.

In terms of decorating our place, I LOVE the colours from the last post, and you may have noticed have used them for a little blog spruce up, but I'm not so sure about using them for our place. I have kind of decided that we'll use the painting we bought as inspiration for bedroom colours, we'll do neutrals for the bathroom, and the rest of the apartment will just be a combination of different things (hopefully) beautifully put together. Which means I can get gorgeous pieces like the picture above, which I happened to find in a store near us and which if you are a big fan of Friends like I am you will know is the same poster hung above Monica's TV. So it's pretty and it says something about my character, that's the kind of stuff I want to fill our place with. :)

In other news, this week I feel like I've been living life. I've always felt like there's not much time to do much with my day after work, or I've decided I was too tired to do anything, but this week I've been ignoring that tiredness and actually doing stuff, and it's felt good!
On Monday we had an Oscar night. We recorded the Oscars, dressed up a bit, had some beer and a yummy cheese platter, and enjoyed ourselves.
Tuesday felt like a super day. I was asked if I could start 30mins early because all the kids had arrived SUPER early, so I worked half an hour extra that day. I was then informed by James during our usual phone call on my way home that we were meeting his dad that evening, at 7. It was 5:40. I take about 40-50mins to get home. We then had to get back into town. I got back at 6:20, got ready and we somehow made it to his dads Sydney place for 7. James helped his dad sort out his TV and we then went out for a nice meal at The Rocks. It turned out to be a lovely evening.
On Wednesday we bought a Stickmaster and made some green smoothies. They were yum.
Thursday was a normal day, minus my usual nap when I get home.
And Friday was the first day of Autumn, it was grey and raining. We took this as an excuse to have a super cozy night in, we got pizza, had G&T's and make some yum choc-caramel smoothies with our awesome new Stickmaster. :)

Today we went shopping. I looked at clothes I am interested in buying. I have recently realised I don't have much to wear other than comfy home clothes and work clothes. I only own one pair of jeans that fit, and they cost me $9 and usually have bits of playdough stuck to I may need to invest in some new nice ones for evenings out and weekends. I'm also looking at getting some new tops and shoes, because why not? We also looked at some home stuff, and found the self proclaimed 'softest towels in the world' which were actually the softest towels I've ever touched, so we may be going back for them. We also got a food slicer/thin cutter thing, so we can make homemade uniformly cut crisps out of all sorts of cool vegetables. Yum!
This afternoon I met up with an old colleague of mine and had a good look around a lot of the shops on King Street that I've always wanted to go into, but never have. This is how I came across the above print. We also found an awesome Dalek prink, which we both really want to get.
I then skyped my parents, and had a lovely catch up with them.

Tomorrow we're meeting up with some of James' uni friends, and having dinner with his grandparents in the evening. So all in all an eventful week, and I've not felt exhausted by it! Maybe I should live life a little more from now on. :)

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