Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Chilled Out Sunday

After an awesome Saturday, we have had a chilled out Sunday. It's been a lovely weekend. I love lovely weekends. I also love that we have lots of wonderful weekends lined up. Next weekend is a long weekend for Easter, the weekend after is the weekend before my birthday, the weekend after I'm taking Friday off and we're seeing Tracy Morgan, then a weekend with nothing planned, and then Trevor Noah and Danny Bhoy the weekend after. Times filled with fun! :D

This morning we enjoyed tea and the scrummy cake we made yesterday out on our balcony. It was very warm. We didn't stay out long. The cake, today, was super yum. We had some yesterday for dessert and it was really rich and sickly sweet. We decided to keep it and see if it was better today, and it was a whole lot better. So I would recommend it as a super indulgent treat, but only if you leave it over night first.
We then went to the shops to get a jewellery tree, look around a gorgeous tea shop and get some dinner. Our looking around a gorgeous tea shop ended up in us buying two types of tea, two teacups, a teapot and becoming members. Not what we had planned, but we like our tea, so we are happy to be members of a tea shop. :) The tea cups and teapot are pictured above. The photo doesn't quite do the colour justice, they are more of a vintage-y blue, a gorgeous blue. The teapot has an infuser in it too, which is great considering the teas we bought are loose leaf. We were going to try out one of our new teas this afternoon, but it's been so hot (seriously where is Autumn??) so we decided against tea for now.
We did however throw out all the cardboard rubbish we had accumulated from getting bedside tables and whatnot, and sorted out all our washing...about 3 or 4 loads of it.

Now it's Grand Prix time with some yum garlic bread, pasta and beer. :) Then maybe some tea.

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