Saturday, 16 March 2013


Around November/December time we had to take staff photos at work. We had to take silly staff photos at work. It was decided at our centre to take the photos in out PJ's. This led me to realise that I do not own fun, kid friendly PJs. I have kind friendly stuff, but it's all grey and black...doesn't exactly scream "childcare". A lot of other centres I have worked at have also had PJ days, where everyone comes in in their I've sort of made it a mission to find some fun, childcare PJs. So far this mission has been a fail, mainly because I want to like the PJs. I then remembered seeing some awesome onesies on the internet and decided they could easily be passed off as PJs. I know have my sights set on owning one (or two, or three), it's just a matter of deciding which one. Currently I am loving the ones above (the bunny is only because Easter is soon, and a crazy part of me wants it to wear for our Easter Egg Hunt). James quite likes the Emperor Penguin onesie, which makes me tempted to get the Penguin onesie, because penguins mate for life. :P I also like the idea of the Kangaroo, since we are in Australia, plus you get a Joey too. Eeyore is just awesome, and I love Winnie the Pooh. Ah! The choices!

I have, however, decided that Pedobear would definitely be the wrong choice for childcare PJs, no matter how funny I think it is.

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