Monday, 4 March 2013


Yesterday we went bowling. James' uni friends wanted to meet up over the weekend, and had decided on Sunday lunch, but being the way they are hadn't decided what they were doing by Saturday afternoon. I suggested to James that we could try out a bowling alley I had read about whilst he was fixing his dads TV. Everyone agreed, so Sunday we headed out to Mascot to go bowling at this awesome bowling alley. We had lunch in the Bistro next to the bowling alley, they had yummy chips! So very yummy. Yum. We then headed over to bowl! We had a good time. I was awful, I blame it on not having been bowling in the last 3 years. I was very proud of myself for still enjoying myself despite being last. Our second game was spent bowling in interesting manners. I think we decided to stop this idea after someone almost threw a ball down another alley whilst spinning around, and then that same person decided it would be a good idea to sit down and bowl backwards over their head...I think pretty much everyone started going "No No No NO!" when we saw her lift the ball above her head.

We enjoyed ourselves. I think we should go bowling more.


  1. Well this looks like fun, how cool is that bowling alley! x

  2. Your bowling alley looks incredible! My local one is so horrible it puts me off going! Chips are the perfect food combination as well. Oh man as if someone was lifting it over their head! xxx

    1. It's not exactly local, but worth the short train ride! And yes, someone was crazy enough to lift a bowling ball above their head, we couldn't quite believe it either! :)