Saturday, 23 March 2013

How to Have an Awesome Saturday In Like Katie and James

Today James and I chose to have a pretty chillaxed day in. It has been awesome, and looks to continue that way. So I thought I would share how you too could have such an awesome day/just tell you what we did in the form of instructions. Let's begin.

1. Wake up at 8:30. It is a sad realisation I made this week, that I may in fact be a grown up now since I consider 8:30 a sleep in. I am only 22, should I not be out all night and sleeping in until past noon? Anyway, wake up at 8:30 and make tea or coffee/get James to make tea and coffee. We/James made both, tea for James, coffee for me.

2. Spend until 12:30 in bed doing online quizzes.
2a. Hear "Mars: Bringer of War" and decide you make actually want to go to the BBC Proms.
2b. Thinking of the BBC Proms, watch Tim Minchin's Prejudice and fall in love with it all over again.
2c. Notice all the recommended video's for you on youtube are My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic related, and feel like you may need to look at some of your life choices. 

3. Decide on a scrummy cake you want to cook. We chose this one

4. Go buy the ingredients for said scrummy cake and get some Thai takeaway. Yum.

5. Eat Thai takeaway at the dinner table and have a conversation. None of this sitting in front of the TV stuff. 


7. Chill on your laptop for a bit.


Even with the tape they are still falling off. :( The instructions do say you need a flat wall, all our walls rough. We are blaming the walls.

9. Whilst one of you cooks the scrummy cake, the other shall browse through photos to put on your cork-board map.


11. Update your blog.

We also got some chicken wings when we got the ingredients for the cake, and some BBQ marinade. The wings have been marinating since 1pm. They are going to be so yum with some potato and sweet potato chips and a beer whilst watching the Grand Prix qualifiers. :) And then we get to try our cake. Mmmm. THEN Melbourne's Comedy Festival Gala is on TV. All we need to make the day even better is for Vettel to not get pole position, or even better, not make it to Q3.

I hope you all have an awesome Saturday too! :)

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