Friday, 15 March 2013


On the Sunday in Canberra we got up at 6 so that we could go watch the balloons. We tried to do this last year but the wind wasn't right, so we tried again this year. We appear to have bad luck, as the wind was again not right, so most of them had gone off somewhere else to set off. They do always leave behind some cool balloons for people to watch go up, so we got to see a Peacock, a Turtle and a Darth Vader was there too, and we got to see him with three adorable dogs, priceless.

We then drove to the lake and sat and watched the balloons on the horizon. We were hoping they would fly towards us, but the wind was wrong. It was very peaceful. :)
We then headed to the shops to get 'some' stuff for a scrummy brunch. We had bacon, sausages, smoked salmon, toast, spinach, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and hollandaise sauce, plus a bit of sparkling wine and orange juice. A very indulgent and lovely brunch!

It was then the LONGEST day as we waited until 5pm for our bus back to Sydney. I some of the time to tidy pretty much all of the closet in James' room. He has so many clothes! Then back to Sydney to watch The Block and Elementary, and bed.

It was a wonderful weekend, I felt like we had had a week off. Loved it. :)

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