Friday, 15 March 2013

Sydney Comedy Festival

We booked ticket to the Sydney Comedy Festival!!! YAY!

We went last year, only finding out about it because of their brochure being in our favourite Thai takeaway. Last year we saw Danny Bhoy (awesome), Simon Amstall (depressing), and Steven K Amos (swore for comedy). I only enjoyed our night watching Danny Bhoy, but that hasn't deterred me from wanting to try other comedians.

So, this year we have booked tickets to see:

Tracy Morgan! We love 30 Rock.

Trevor Noah! David Pocock (Brumbies and Wallabies player) has said this guy is hilarious. :P He's South African.

Danny Bhoy! Again! He does the best Aussie accent.

Axis of Awesome. Music and comedy, I think it should be a fun evening.

Cannot wait! :D

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