Tuesday, 14 January 2014

SoulPancake - The Science of Happiness

Whilst on holiday I had a lot of thinking time. One of the things I thought about was my blog, and that I really wasn't updating it much. This bothered me, so I started thinking about what I wanted this space to be. It may sound selfish, but I decided I wanted my blog to be something I could look back over and feel inspired. I wanted it to be filled with happy and inspiring thought, pictures, quotes and videos. I like this idea because, not only will it be fun to look back at all that I have posted it will be fun posting. There are so many wonderful things out there in the world that I don't share because I'm lazy, and I think finding a way to share them will make me happier, and spread the awesomeness. (I feel like I'm sounding like some crazy 'happiness' addict!)

Anyhoo, VIDEOS! I want to share awesome videos. I have loads, and don't want to bombard you with them, so am planning to every week or two share an awesome video. Today's video is all about the Science of Happiness. The Science of Happiness is a series on SoulPancake (home of Kid President) and is a series of short videos testing different theories on what makes us happier. I've watched quite a few, and cried a lot of happy tears...so I thought it was definitely worth a share. If you want to watch more from the series click here.

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