Wednesday, 8 January 2014

1-7 January: What I'm grateful for

I decided not long before the New Year that I wanted to start documenting what I am grateful for. I had watched a TED video in which it was mentioned that people who stop to think of three things they are grateful for each day start to live happier lives; in fact my new gratitude book from Kikki.k states that listing three things a day you are grateful for can increase wellbeing by over 10%. I am all for happy and feeling more well. Where is the harm in trying?

Since I had made this decision near the New Year I decided the 1st January was the best to start, and so mentally I started noting things throughout the day that I am grateful for, or things that have made me happy, and I found that each day I could easily come up with three things (somedays I had three before lunch!). These things can span from a helping hand to a cup of coffee, in my mind if it makes me happy, if it makes me glad it is in my life, then it is something worth being grateful for.

As mentioned I already have a space to write down what I am grateful for, but I wanted to share here too. One, because I am hoping this helps me keep this up more; two, because I want to start photographing what I am grateful for (because how awesome would it be at the end of the year to have a book of photos of those little everyday things, or random occurrences that made your year?); three, because I am hoping it may encourage each of you to take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for, even if it is only once a week.

So, all of that over here is what I have been grateful for in the last week:
1st Jan
My Mum
Cafe de Paris - for always having yummy steak
My childhood

2nd Jan
Having someone who puts up with my crazy
A good shower
Roast Pork

3rd Jan
Kind people who lend me their phones in a time of need

4th Jan
The opportunity to travel
Having someone to travel with
My bed

5th Jan
How much James cares
Having access to doctors
Sushi lunch with James

6th Jan
The wonderful parents at work
Dinner cooked by James (I had fallen asleep, he cooked and then came to wake me)
Freedom to sleep as much as I want

7th Jan
Cooked breakfast by James
The opportunity to be creative
Turning a sick day into a study day

What are you feeling grateful for today?


  1. I love the idea of photographing what you are grateful for - so simple but will really push you to notice things! I have a journal which asks how I improved each day - which is nice, and makes me listen to myself far more.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful week and today I'm grateful for a day when it isn't raining! xx

    1. Sounds like we had similar ideas on how to make ourselves better! I am finding that looking for things I am grateful for can change my perspective from negative to positive, instead of being upset I don't get to go into work I am happy I have a job that I miss this much.

      Yay no rain!