Wednesday, 15 January 2014

8-14 January: What I'm Grateful For

I kept it up for another week! :D This week I am grateful for:
8 Jan
TOMS - doing good whilst shopping
Having a job I hate being away from
Buying flowers

9 Jan
Morning Coffee
Take away
Flowers in the apartment (I comment about how pretty my flowers are every day)

10 Jan
Movie dates with James
Friendly staff at our local grocers
My rash being basically gone

11 Jan
Amazing potato wedges at Urbanbites
A tidy apartment
Feeling beautiful again

12 Jan
Wonderful 'in-laws' 

13 Jan
Gorgeous cuddles from children
In season mangos and cherries

14 Jan
Children's giggles
Beautiful views
Bahama Mamas

What are you feeling grateful for?


  1. Lovely photos as always! I love these little lists and it sounds like you had a great week at work. I'm feeling grateful (can never spell the damn word) for having time to read and taking a few moments to myself x

    1. Thank you! I keep wanting to spell it greatful! Time to read and for yourself are some of the best sort of times. :)