Wednesday, 22 January 2014

15-21 January: What I'm Grateful For

Life is pretty awesome. This week I have been grateful for:
15 Jan
Hump Day Sign in our elevator
The unconditional love of several babies/toddlers
Seeing the Sydney Sixers live (and win!)

16 Jan
Awesome casual staff - she is seriously amazing
Dinner at the dining table
Fans (as in the cooling kind)

17 Jan
Party tub of Maltesers
First class train tickets

18 Jan
Dinner with my 'Australian family'
Time to read
Air conditioning

19 Jan
Sleep ins
Looking under my chair before sitting (there was a dead Gallah...)
Creepy crawly killing James

20 Jan
The reassuring hold children take of the hair just above my neck
Wine (was soooo not grateful for wine the next morning!)

21 Jan
Cooler weather
Hand written card from my CEO for my 1 year anniversary at the company
Tweeting of birds

What are you feeling grateful for?


  1. I wish I had neighbours who left little signs - maybe I should be that person!

    I'm in a grump today so definitely need to spend time thinking of the little things x

    1. It is pretty awesome. I am planning to do a "TGIF" sign next week. :)