Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dum di dum...

I got the Christmas tree and lights today. Will share pictures when it is decorated! :D I am so good at distracting myself from work. I fail to do anything fun and creative until I have work to do, and then I find so many fun and creative things to do instead!! Hehe!!

I thought instead of a photo of the tree I'd share something pretty from my walks home on Firdays. :) I love old buildings, they have so much character!

Should be reading about Interviews now, it's not the most interesting of things to do...and it's not written interestingly either, so that doesn't help...AND I answer a question just as the text did before reading it, so I'm not sure how informative it is either. :P I'm just making up excuses why I shouldn't read it.

Seeing my mum again this weekend, and my grandpa. It's his 80th. :)

Almost 2weeks til I see James again! YAY!!

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