Saturday, 21 November 2009

I made myself some promises...

A few months ago I made myself some promises, so thought I'd share how that was going:
- I am not getting my hair cut once a month, seems a little too much.
- I bought a camera!!! And I love it! :D
- I am not taking photos as often as I would like to, but dull, grey, rainy days aren't the best for photos.
- Haha...was failing so bad at updating my blog every other day. Forgot how much time lectures took up, but I'm working on it!
- I am doing more for me. :)
- Creative Saturdays...more like lazy days! Need to work on this one.
- Am trying SO hard on focussing on the positives, not always that easy.
- Not drinking more water, but am drinking more coffee! :P
- Bed before 12! Oh yeah, I'm going to bed at 10!! Haha...and I feel much more awake than I did last year! :)

So all in all, I'm not doing well!! :P So I still have things to work on. :) Maybe in the new year.

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