Thursday, 19 November 2009

What have I been up to?

Manchester!! It's my grandpa's 80th this coming Sunday, so we went to Manchester to celebrate last weekend, there was a surprise party for him. On Saturday we went out for a meal at an Italian. It was fun. We giggled a lot, based mainly on misunderstandings, like I thought 'antipastas' were main courses that didn't have pasta with them...not starters. Hehe...
Sunday was the party, so we took him to the surprise. :) It was a bit odd seeing a lot of people you don't know, but he was very happy and touched that so many people turned up. It was nice to see him happy.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

The house was really smokey so we went on a walk to see my mums old school. The weather was so nice and pretty! I love blue skies, they photograph so well!

I did all my walking in these pretty shoes! So happy I could wear pretty things like these! Durham tries it's best to kill your feet when you wear shoes that are nice, I'm trying my best to find something that works!
After the walk to my mums old school we hung out in my Grandpa's garden, because we can!! Last time I visited it was a jungle, couldn't see anything past the branches, couldn't get out the door! It's looking much better now!
Liam got an adorable Russ decoration, it enjoyed the train ride home. :)

My mum bought me some stuff to decorate for Xmas, and I bought some extras. :D All gold and glorious! I love gold Christmases, they are so warm and elegant. :)

Things to keep me busy:
  • Wash my clothes!
  • Paint a set.
  • Maths HW.
  • Read three articles.
  • Research and write an essay.
  • Tidy my room for James.
  • Make house all pretty.
  • Make Banoffee Pie...YUM!
  • Celebrate Sasha's 20th.
  • Play poker.
  • SMILE...hehe, hurts the cheeks after a while. :P
Thought of the day: THE RIVER IS HIGH!!! Oh my!! I should have taken a photo, but only got home after 16:00 because of lectures, and Sasha's hair (which is now so gorgeous) and Vennels and shopping...and I didn't have my camera with me! BUT tomorrow, if it's still so so HIGH, I will take a picture for evidence. But literally could not walk along the towpath! (Which will only mean anything to people who live in Durham or have visited). It's rained a lot!

Off to do start checking of things on my to do list!

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