Saturday, 21 November 2009

Party Night.

It was Sasha's Party last night, for her 20th on Monday. We had lots of balloons, and quite a few people round. :) I was told by a lot of people it was uncool to have a Christmas tree up so early, but they don't know anything! :P Was also told the house was very nicely decorated. :D YAY! Hehe. I think people had a good time, I hope for Sasha that they did. :) Photos from the night aren't that great because they were taken by either over excited people or drunk people...but they are memories none the less. :)

I think we're going out hopping today, then we have a basketball match against Trevs (which we should win, if we don't we will not be happy), and then going out for dinner. Living the life! Why I don't do any work :P

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