Friday, 20 November 2009

La la la laaaaa!

Things I have done today:
  • Went to a Maths tutorial...yays...
  • Had two coffees, yum!
  • Did Complex Analysis homework - sounds so awesome right?
  • Read articles about ethnic minorities in higher education - my life is exciting!
  • Washed my clothes - needed to be done, now they smell of lavander. :)
  • Watched Waterloo Road.
  • Showered.
  • Watched the final of America's Next Top Model.
  • Talked to James.
  • Avoided doing research for my essay due in 2 weeks! YAYS!
Things I want to do:
  • Paint a set.
  • Tidy my room.
  • Have a yummy dinner.
  • Plan some fun creative activities...I have ideas...just need to plan time!
  • See James! 6 days!
My life is basically awesome, as you can see! Hehe. Kidding, duh! I am impressed with how much I have done today, usually my Thursdays get waisted cuz I do nothing! But not this week! No no! Hehe!! Got to go paint a set now!

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