Friday, 14 October 2011

From someone who cares

Christmas 2005 message.
I'm doing an uber tidy of my room today...or starting it, I keep ALL sorts of things. One of which was my agenda from 11th grade (2005-06) in which I found the little note above. I'm not sure many people knew/know but for Christmas 2005 I decided everyone needed to be wished a Merry Christmas, so I printed out loads of the little messages above and on one of the evenings during the last week of school in December my mum and I posted these in all the High School lockers. People assumed it was the StuCo, and I think they took credit for it, but I didn't mind, they made people happy and thats why I did it.

It nice keeping odd whatnots from the past to be reminded of these little things. :)

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