Monday, 24 October 2011

Laduree Macarons 4

Final macaron tasting went better than the others :)
Our last three flavours were Coconut, Blackcurrent and Caramel. I found them edible! :O Massive shock! My mum did not take part in this tasting due to her being on a plane to England, so it was just the three of us: my dad, me and my sis.

Dad - thought it tasted more like Coconut milk than coconut, and decided that it's OK for people like him who don't like Bounty. (but he probably wouldn't eat a whole one)
Me - nice with a Coconut aftertaste.To keep with the Bounty theme, it's more like a Bounty ice-cream than a Bounty bar.
Sis - Loved it. (She's liked all the nuts)
Verdict: As long as you don't absolutely hate Coconut I think you could eat at least half of this, if you love Cocnut you'll love it.

Dad - "It's like walking down a country lane", it made him think of brambling. He enacting picking and eating blackcurrents/blackberries to demonstrate his point. :P
Me - It's definitely blackcurrent, and strong, and I'm not so great on strong fruit, but in tiny bits it was OK.
Sis - She did a whole  list of things she could eat blackcurrent with, in a tart and some other things which escape me, but on it's own it's too strong.
Verdict: Eating a third is like eating a blackcurrent, so you've got to really love blackcurrents to eat a whole one.

Dad - Mmmm, could eat a whole box, mmmm.
Me - It's yum, it's definitely caramel, but it's a bit much. I couldn't eat my third (note: third here means a third of 1, not that I had eaten 2 already...) it was that much for me, but I liked it.
Sis - too rich, doesn't work, but nice. She makes a lot of sense :P She said in banofee pie she can eat the caramel, but like this on it's own, no. I thought she was going to say it's as strong as the caramel in banoffee pie, to which I would have agreed...but she didn't.
Verdict: So if you LOVE caramel, especially the caramel in banoffee pie (like you scrape of the top and bottom and eat just the caramel from the pie) then you are sure to like the caramel. It's definitely a much nicer one to give a try.

So that is the end of our macaron tasting. I would like to point out that some members of the tasting had not been considering if they could eat a whole macaron of a certain flavour, but rather just judging the small piece they had AND these are just our opinions, you may easily disagree with the verdicts. I would recommend a tasting though, because although I disliked most of them it was fun. :)


  1. Mfff, feeling very left out now. I will have to buy some macaroons when I get back :D
    It is worth mentioning that you were each tasting a third of a macaroon, so when you say you/we could not eat a third, this is not implying that you/we had already guzzled two and were too stuffed to try a third :P

    I can totally see daddy doing his brambling impression :D, and sarah enjoying them all, but not so much the fruits.

    The whole tasting commentary was well done, thanks.

  2. Do buy some, buy some nice flavours, like Madagascar chocolate! :P

    I have added a note, about the third, it may have been confusing!

    Glad you enjoyed the commentary, I enjoyed writing it. :)