Saturday, 22 October 2011

Laduree Macarons 3

I am slowly discovering there are quite a few foods I don't like...
Last night we tried another 3 macarons (only 3 more to go!), they were Raspberry, Red Fruits and Praline. Oh was so excited about trying the praline, what with my love of them in chocolates and how I can detect the tiniest amount and that ruins the chocolate for me, oh yeah, super excited!

Mum - said it was fruity. Fair enough.
Dad - Didn't like the pips, they got stuck in your teeth. My mum did agree with this, it was actually quite amusing watching them trying to get pips out of their teeth, people pull funny faces when trying to do that.
Me - yeah...I wouldn't say I hated it, it was just like having a huge dollop of jam, and we only had a quarter of the macaron each. I can't imagine how jammy a whole one would have been...maybe eat it on toast?
Sis - yummy! (she's enjoying this process)
Verdict: If you love raspberry jam and eat it out of the jar, and don't mind pips between your teeth then you'll enjoy a raspberry macaron!

Red Fruits
Mum - her face said it all. I looked over and she was pulling a definite "no" face, and her answer to this macaron was "No".
Dad - not really liking it.
Me - decided it tasted Christmasy, but bad Christmasy, like Christmas cake (which I don't like :P)...and then my mum suggested marzipan, YES! It tastes of marzipan. YUCK! I really don't like marzipan.
Sis - "No, weird, too strong."
Verdict: If you, unlike my family, like/love marzipan and happily eat it on it's own you will like this one. If you are not that kind of person, no.

Mum - toooo nutty. She looked at me and said "don't eat it", she knows how much I hate praline.
Dad - toooo nutty. It's nuts! (hahaha!)
Me - didn't eat it, but the smell gave me shivers, not one for me.
Sis - yummy, yummy. She's loving the nuts!
Verdict: If like my sis you like nutty things a lot, then give it a go. If you've had the pistachio macaron and liked it, then I think you'll like praline. If you didn't like the pistachio, you probably won't like the praline.

I think we have Coconut, Blackcurrent and Caramel (yays!) left to taste. I'm thinking I should like at least one of them, fingers crossed! :)

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