Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Laduree Macarons

Our taster macarons.
After discovering that macarons were not like meringues, I have fallen in love with them. So every now and then I go get some as a treat, I get Madagascar chocolate for myself, Lemon for my mum, Vanilla for my brother and sister, and Coffee for my dad. Buying these flavours when there is a whole variety sitting behind the counter seems a little...un-adventuous, so we got all the flavours to try! This way we can open up our spectrum, or know that we don't need to because the others are horrible.

So last night we tried Pistachio, Orange Blossom and Black Forest, in that order (turned out to be a reasonably good idea!).

Mum - didn't even try it, she wasn't up for macarons, and was happy we were trying the pistachio one because she did not want that most probably a thumbs down.
Dad - didn't think it worked, pistachio flavour with sweet shell, no.
Me - agreed with my dad, I like the saltiness of pistachios, so if you take that away and replace it with sugar...yuck!
Sis - LOVED it, she finished our pieces off.
Verdict: All down to your personal taste.

Orange Blossom
Mum - after we all tried it she was intrigued, she decided it tasted like Savlon.
Dad - he tried his piece first, made an intrigued noise, and let us try it before telling us his thoughts. He then shared that it tasted like washing up liquid.
Me - "It tastes like bathroom", YUCK!
Sis - yuck.
Verdict: One for people you don't like. DO NOT BUY OTHERWISE!

Edit: I have discovered something similar tasting here in Australia that people seem to really enjoy eating: Musk sticks. So basically, if you like Musk flavoured things, you will probably like Orange Blossom too.

Black Forest
Mum - "Not one I'd buy."
Dad - thinks there was too much cherry, but otherwise it was yum. He decided with us that there was too much alcohol in the cherry.
Me - OMG, it smelt good! But yuck the cherry. I don't like Black Forest cakes anyway, so I knew I'd probably not like it, but man those cherries were strong.
Sis - Also not a fan of Black Forest cakes, thus also did not like it.
Verdict: If you like chocolate macarons, Black Forest cake and cherries soaked in alcohol then buy this, you'll love it, otherwise maybe not.

More to try tonight! :) But so far, I think we are all happy with not being adventurous at the moment.


  1. Did you get them from laduree? I used to loved the Caramel!! And wanted to try the Mango, but they were seasonal so didnt get the chance

  2. We did indeed! I think we have a caramel one to try! I can't remember what the 15 flavours are now, but I think one of the creamy coloured ones is caramel, so I look forward to that one! No Mango though, :( that would have been interesting. :)