Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kookai love...too much?

What I am wearing today.
I got dressed this morning, and must say really like my outfit. But then I browsed the internet and looked at Zara's People section, and thought about how most of these people wear outfits entirely supplied by Zara...and then I looked at my outfit. Everything apart from the tights is from Kookai, the shorts, the top, the cardigan, the necklace...

What can I say? I like their clothes. :)


  1. and you look gorgeous in them..... :)


  2. Heya!

    Love the Kookai wardrobe! I'm a huge fan myself!

    Where are you grabbing your kookai bits from? I'm a big fan of St Christopher's place!

    Much love, Pariss


  3. Heya!

    I get my Kookai bits from the stores in Geneva (where I live). I love the way they display the clothes, it ads to the whole shopping awesomeness! :)