Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Little Life Update

This past week has felt quite grown up.

Saturday we did some more apartment hunting. This time we looked at places closer to our current place, and found three apartments we would be happy to live in.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we hosted James' younger brother.

Monday we handed in our applications for the three apartments we liked. I asked the Director at the centre I've been working at if there was a possibility of me working with them next year, she got busy sorting that out. We got a call from one of the apartments saying we could have. We also got a call from another apartment wanting to understand our money situation a little better, but it wasn't needed since we'd accepted the other place. So, we'll have a new apartment in January. Yays!

Tuesday I found out I would definitely be getting some kind of contract at the centre I've been working at. Yay! We also got a call from the third apartment saying we could have it. We have started to think we either apply for places no-one else wants, or we're just super awesome people that others want to let to.

Today I've had to sort out Visa stuff and fill in stuff for work to finalise for getting my new job. I've also been able to start telling parents I'll still be at the centre next year. The Director at the centre has also helped me find options for studying for a Certificate III next year.

It's been feeling like an exciting grown up week. I've been stressing myself out a little with the little things like paper work, and affording the study, etc. But we're happy, we're excited.

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