Monday, 31 December 2012

End of Year Resolution Round Up

2012 has been absolutely wonderful, and I wouldn't change it one bit. I have been happy, I have been healthy and I feel that moving to Australia to be with James was definitely a much better choice than studying an extra year in the UK.

Even though my year has been wonderful I can't say I did a whole lot on my Resolution list. I think making lists like this is an art form, you really need to understand what is achievable. Many of these goals I still have, but they are now just general life goals, achieving them in a specific year seems silly. :) So, how did I go?

1. Learn more about Photography
Yeah, I didn't really actively do anything towards this. But does anyone else look through their photos from a year or so ago and feel like they have improved their skills? I do. So I am thinking that maybe encouraging myself to take more photos will help me learn in a more enjoyable way. Maybe another 365 Project? It definitely encouraged me to photograph and blog more!

2. Lose at least 5kg
In February, I said James and I were not actively working towards this goal. I don't know why I thought trying to eat healthy and exercise was not working towards this goal, because it has most certainly helped. We don't drink any soft drinks when we're in Sydney; we've tried to add more vegetables to our meals; we've cut out unnecessary fatty foods; we bought even bigger water bottles and drink at least 2 bottles a day; we went running for about a month; we walk almost everywhere; and since August I've had a job which is a 50min walk away from us, and I've been walking it, everyday. Even though most of these things are small, and we still have the odd day of tea, cookies and ice-cream, it has all added up and I've lost 8kg. I also feel a lot more awake, and like I have a lot more energy, which makes me feel like it's been a positive change to our lives. Next year we'll be living on the 6th floor, so will have even more stairs to climb, I still have my job to walk to, and James has a gym membership, so I think 2013 will be just as healthy! This is the one resolution I am super happy about!

3. Cook something new and healthy every week for a year
Ha! We did try quite a few recipes off of my Pin bored (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13), most of which were delicious, some needing tweaks, but thats the joy of cooking! If you think the fig pizza (3) sounds nice, I would recommend some changes. We found it WAY too sweet, so tried another one with a creme fraiche base, with brie, blobs of fig jam, and prosciutto on top. It was yum! The Stuffed Peppers (5) has become a favourite of ours, and the crescent rolls (6) are just too easy to make! The Sweet Potato pancake (8) is also a must try just for how much it blows your mind!
Ok, so now I feel like we did quite a good job on this one! 13/52 isn't THAT bad!

4. Bake something once a week for a year
Yeah, much more of a fail here. With only a microwave oven baking was not going to happen this year. Maybe I'll save this one for when I'm a mum, and I can bake with the kids once a week, sounds more fun already!

5. Create Moustache Notebooks
Nope. Did nothing, don't feel bad about it either.

6. Create Art Portfolio
Eventually! This will go on my "Things to do when I'm bored" list, so I can slowly work on it!

7. Learn about Aboriginal Art
I had a book just for this, which I used to doodling. It is still something I'd love to do, not just the Art either, the whole history. I'll do it in time. :)

8. Use my 365 Book somehow
Eeek! I started using it, and HATED what I was doing in it, so now it's got 10 pages filled out and the rest left blank. I'll figure something out!

9. Try to Achieve at least 1 of my 101 Dreams
Dream 40 - Walk More. I think 50mins every morning and afternoon counts as walking more! :D
Dream 42 - Be Happy. I am totally a much happier person, and I'm loving it!
Dream 43 - Live with James in a Cool Apartment. Now, when we first moved into our tiny studio, I wasn't the most thrilled about it. I felt it was small, and could be better, but I have grown to love it and it has become our cool little apartment. Plus, we're now moving up in the a 1 bedroom apartment! Oh the excitement! We can't wait!
Dream 52 - Have an awesome Disney collection. James and I both decided a few years ago that when we have children they shall be raised on Disney movies, and not just the new ones, all the classic ones we loved! Last Christmas we began our collection and it's been slowly growing. We have yet to get the Jungle Book (one of James' favourites) and the Little Mermaid as they is currently 'in the vault', but we are patiently waiting. We have got Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas, my two faves! So I'm happy! :D
4 Dreams is not bad for a years work!

And there you have it, my Resolution Round Up. I don't think I did the most terrible job, but it could have been better. I'm going to try and make better Resolutions for 2013, and I am most definitely going to enjoy 2013! :)
How did you all do with your resolutions?

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