Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Season

It's the 1st of December. Advent is here. I would normally have Christmas decorations up, and Christmas music playing non-stop, and a super warm feeling that Christmas is coming, but I'm still working on fitting those in with Summer. My mind is still a little confused. I love that it's getting warmer here (although, temperature's being in the 30's and it still being spring is a tad worrying!), but I am a HUGE fan of sun filled days, long days, gorgeous bright and vibrant days, days that make me want to get out and do things. It's just, to me, and I think I may go on about this a lot, aren't Christmas days yet.

I've grown up in Europe, Christmas to me is a Winter holiday. Christmas brightens the dark days of Winter. Christmas is filled with gorgeous warm lights, warm shops playing Christmas songs, the warmth of holding a pack of roasted chestnuts, sitting by a fire, hot coffees/teas/hot chocolates, snow. In the darkness of Winter Christmas keeps spirits up. It's magical.

Christmas is also about family and friends being together. Giving and being kind. Happiness and togetherness. At least I still see a lot of that here. Even with my mum, dad, brother, sister and childhood friends all the other side of the world, there is an overwhelming sense of love at Christmas. I love that, and at those times, no matter what the season, it's very hard not to feel like it's Christmas. 

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