Sunday, 30 December 2012

We Were Treated Well

We had a lovely Christmas this year. This whole last week has been pretty fab, I can't believe this only just the end of my first week on holiday!
Christmas day was lovely and relaxed. We got up around 10, made some coffee and opened presents. I love watching people open presents you have put thought into, and am happy to say all our presents went down a treat. :D We got some wonderful gifts too. I felt like James spoilt me this year, getting me a back pack (because I walk to work with a backpack, and he thought I might like a pretty one), Lilo and Stitch (to add to our growing Disney collection), a Happiness box from Kikki.K, two lovely necklaces and a Dr. Hooves Hoodie (combining my love for Dr. Who and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). I loved it all. I got him some rum he's been wanting for ages, an amazing looking cook book (he's my little chef, loves cooking) and a wall calendar. My gifts sound so lame in comparison. :P
From his family we got all things apartment related. As I mentioned earlier, we have got a new apartment. It is not furnished, and does not come with a fridge. So we have a pretty long list of things we need to get. We also don't have a massive amount of money to get things with, so we were really appreciative of the gifts. James' parents have given us a budget for a fridge and a wonderful set of cutting knives, James' youngest brother got us some steak knives, one of his aunts and uncles got us a 16 piece set of crockery and a 24 piece set of cutlery, and another of his uncles gave us money to put towards the apartment. We are very well looked after. :)

James' mum's side came round for Christmas dinner around 4:30-5. We had some yummy snack foods and champagne, then a delicious dinner. I may have piled my plate up a little too much because I struggled to finish, but it was too good not to! :P Around 8 I skyped my family. We had a lovely chat. Miss you guys!

On Boxing Day we went back to Sydney to watch a T20 match, as part of our Christmas present to James' youngest brother. I also got to pick up my new glasses. :D I know my mum wanted presents, so voila! I don't think they are much of a change from what I used to have, but why change too much when you've found a style you like?

I hope you were all treated well this Christmas. :)


  1. Many thanks for the photos of your new glasses, they are different but not too much so. Little people don't like change so its a good thing :)
    We missed you too, and will be sending a care package after my fortnight in Durham. Xmas pressie will be in your bank soon once I have reminded my banker!!
    Keep happy and healthy, love always, H

    1. No one here seems to have noticed I have new glasses, so they are definitely similar enough! Very good point about little children, I hadn't thought of that!
      I hope you really enjoy your fortnight in Durham!