Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cricket Christmas Present

James and I got ourselves a 'Friends with Benefits' membership with the Sydney Sixers (T20 cricket team), which made James' youngest brother a little jealous. The membership lets us go to two home games, excluding local derby's. Since James' youngest brother thought it sounded super awesome, and is on his summer holidays now, we decided to get him a membership too. This weekend we went to our first game.

Sunday morning James and I got ourselves some Gloria Jeans before I went and got my eyes tested. They are only marginally worse than they were 2 years ago, yay! I have bought new glasses and sunglasses, but here it takes 1-2 weeks for them to get sorted. Poo. We then picked up James' brother from the bus depot, got ourselves some Thai food and sat in front of the TV to watch the Test Cricket.

We then headed to the SCG. It was a fairly entertaining game. The Sixers batted first, which we knew wasn't good because the chasing team seems to always win. It was a very bad start, they were losing a wicket every 5 minutes. After 10 overs they had lost 6 wickets and scored 30 runs. It got better, and then the Scorchers started batting and it was boring, until the last 5 overs...but I won't go into it all, because I have tried to tell the story before and I know I can't do it interestingly. :P

Anyhoo, we get pretty awesome seats with the membership, i.e. right behind the Sixers bench. As soon as the players started coming out a whole swarm of kids went running forward with pens and things to sign. I thought it was pretty cute. :)
There were also fireworks between the innings, they were very unexpected and made me jump, but were still pretty cool.
The rest of the evening was spent sorting out documents for apartment applications. It was a late night. But an awesome day.

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