Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas Present Wrapping

There are many things I love about Christmas, wrapping presents is high up that list. For as long as I can remember I have LOVED wrapping presents. I really enjoy making things look pretty and being creative with ribbons, tissue paper and decorations. I like making the wrapping look so good that people don't necessarily want to open it. My recent present wrapping love consists of that plain brown wrapping paper and awesome glitzy accessories. I was hoping to wrap my Secret Santa gift like that, but had trouble finding the plain brown wrapping paper (seriously, all year round I see it everywhere, Christmas hits and it's gone!) so I settled for some plain gold paper instead, and lots of awesome bows in different sizes. 

Here are the results. :) I'm pretty happy with it. I'm going to write the recipient of the gifts name to the left so it ends near the big green bow. :D 

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