Thursday, 20 May 2010


Basketball politics are crappy. I'm not sure if you can call them politics, but out of all the college sports they sure do lack some clear cut rules that people have to follow, and it turns out anyone can just e-mail in claiming to have played a game and then their team will be given the points even if it was already official that they were walked-over.

I'm planning to be one evil co-captain next year and most probably in doing so make all other colleges hate me, but I don't really care, I already have enough amazing friends. :D


  1. Hehe, I am now anonymous, but tis me, mumsie :D

  2. Hehe, Yes, the Trevs team who we got a walkover against because they cancelled twice within 3 hours of the match came to one of our practices and played a friendly match against us, you know for fun, and have now decided that without having kept score they won that, and that it was a real match and so have claimed it, AND the head of college sports has changed the league table! It is so so so stupid! :)