Saturday, 29 May 2010

More tops.

So I looked at the tops I posted last time, and asked some people what they thought, and decided the only one I really liked was the first top. And since have realised I do like floaty tops, with jeans or leggings or jean leggings (I think they are called jeggings...but that just sounds silly to me). So I started looking at other tops. I'm not like totally convinced by them, like some I see myself wearing one day and then kind of dislike the next. Hehe. I think I like the first and last the most, but I'm never totally sure what I think most the time! :P
Crochet Back Top, £28.

Georgette Ruffle Longline Blouse, £14.

Karen Millen Embroidered Top, £50.

Premium Printed Cutwork Halter Top, £40.
I am feeling better about exams, retail therapy helps. :P

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