Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Exams are poo

Yesterday I had my first exam. It went ok, but to be honest I am pretty useless at knowing what is a good or a bad exam...except when I don't answer any questions. I felt like this leaving most of my exams last year and I did well in some and not so well in other. So we'll see. :) Just hoping I pass really.

I have another exam tomorrow, maths again. I don't like having so many maths exams. Hehe. Should have maybe started my studying yesterday since I haven't looked at this subject yet, but thought that drawing a picture and having a glass of wine was a much more useful use of my time. :D And I'm not stressed so it can't have been a bad use. I have a plan too! Although I rarely stick to my plans, but I'm going to note down the general topics that turn up and write out all the theorems and stuff to put on my wall and stare at in confusion by 13:00, then QUESTION PRACTICE! Oh the thrills of being at uni!

I should probably get working, already spent 2 hours of my morning sitting around doing next to nothing!

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