Saturday, 15 May 2010


I think I put myself down quite a bit. Like I keep saying I haven't studied and have done next to no work, but I have done some stuff and am slowly taking in all the equations I need to know, and bit by bit going through past questions, I just feel like I am doing it at a slower pace than others. Maybe it's because some of the people I watch study do more essay based subjects so just reading pages seems like loads of work compared to writing out simple derivatives. (Yeah my maths has been failing so much I forgot most of the simple derivatives...which I found out sounds like the most complicated things to have to know as simple maths for people not so good at maths.)

Anyways, in my last lecture today our lecturer said something about stress being caused primarily by not feeling in control. So maybe I'm not stressed because some how I feel like I am on top of things. Maybe.

I know I think to much, and analyse too much, and talk too much. But that's me, so I'm not really feeling a need to change it. :)

GLEE TONIGHT! Yay. Enjoy your weekend, maybe soon I'll distract myself from studies by finding some inspiring pictures to post here. :)

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