Sunday, 23 May 2010

Oh my days.

I have another exam on Tuesday, not done much in the way of revising yet. Sometimes I feel like I am not revising enough, since the rest of my house appear to be revising most of the time, even when we're watching TV in the evening. Hehe, but I know I have time, and I enjoy my exams and the exam time but still make sure I know my stuff. I don't think I want to have to work hard to do well, unless I enjoy working hard, in which case it isn't really working hard it's just doing something I enjoy. I may have a sort of unrealistic view that you should enjoy what you are doing with your life, I don't really care about success and money if you don't enjoy doing whatever it is that is getting you success and money. (although money is a nice thing to have).

Anyhoo, enough about exams. I kind of would like to have a Trilby hat, I think they are cool. I don't know if it would suit me, or if I'd want to wear one normally, but I would like to "experiment" with it. :P Hehe.
See, so cool. :P (from Oh and did you see the Gossip Girl finale? Omg, so much stress, I think I was freaking out the whole way through. Some girl watched it before a maths exam for "relaxation", I totally understand why she said it was a bad idea!

Ooo, and Rogue has been mating. First with the really big annoying Tabby, who is a sort of unlovable version of Stroke (our cat at home home) and now with the adorable Ginger cat. We like the Ginger cat. Hehe. But yeah, Rogue has been acting a bit odd because of all this. :P

I think that is it as far as my life goes at the moment. :) Toodles.

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