Friday, 28 May 2010


I don't know if I am stressed or not. I mean I am quite happy most of the time, but I had a little meltdown today and I am not entirely sure why. Miriam and Sasha reckon I am stressed and it's possible. I've never felt properly stressed about exams before, but then I've never felt an actual need to study before. It's kind of sad, and I hate having to say it, but I haven't actually ever studied before, I've just relied on what I've remembered from the year or classes. I am one of those annoying people with a photographic memory and who just seems to know stuff. You may hate me, I probably would. But I'm not sure it's the fact that I feel I need to study that is getting to me. It's the first time I've been in a stressful environment during exams. I mean before university I was at home, where there was always someone who didn't have exams who was calm and ready to relax and have fun who I could go talk to. But here, people seem to work a lot, and we can't watch TV at night without putting the TV on mute during breaks because everyone is reading notes. It's just not fun. And I am slightly worried I may not have passed Linear Algebra. It's not too hard to pass, but I really didn't like it, it was hard, and I am scared I didn't pass. I think that is getting to me most. I've never had this feeling before, and it would sort of ruin my visit to see James. URGH! that's my thoughts. :)

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  1. Wonderful woman. You have never had to cope with the fear of failure before. At this point there is nothing you can do, so think of positive things and concentrate on the present. There is no point in stressing about what might have been, deal with the result when you get it, it may be better then you think.
    Smile, sing and cry. Never feel guilty about crying, it is one of the best ways of destressing. :)
    Mother dearie.