Thursday, 15 March 2012

21 Jump Street - Go watch it NOW!

Tonight we went to watch 21 Jump Street, and it was hilarious! I definitely recommend going to watch it if you enjoy comedy movies, it was a real good laugh. :)

We've not been up to much this week after our many dinners out last week. Tonight was our first proper 'outing'. I spent the last three days working...and seriously, working with kids is exhausting! Oh my! I love it. I love the kids, and like the staff, and enjoy the work...but it's one of those jobs that involve being awake and attentive ALL the time, you zone out and a kid could have some kind of major accident. So today, I slept pretty much all day. I got up at 10, had lunch with James, and went back to bed at 1 until 5. Haha! It sounds incredibly lazy, but I was knackered! So tonight we went out for dinner with some of James' uni friends (not quite calling them my friends yet, some day I will, but not yet) and convinced them to go see 21 Jump Street. We were thanked. :P

Tomorrow we are off to Canberra for a weekend visit to celebrate one of James' uncle's birthday. Should hopefully be a good weekend. :)

PS: Go watch 21 Jump Street.

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