Thursday, 1 March 2012

Our Little Day Out

So today we had a little day out. James had been invited to some meeting to join a ‘Fellowship’ for writing because he was in the top 5% of students who took a writing course/module last year (so proud). We thought we’d plan a day around that.

 We started off by having an early lunch (11:30), which was YUM! We do love the Thai across the road from us, and for $6.50 at lunch it’s awesome! We should probably try some of the other places along the road though.

 Then we walked down to the Sydney University O-week, it’s like a big fair thing with stalls for all the groups and societies. It made me miss Durham. The fair was pretty boring since I couldn’t really join anything, so it was just a bunch of stalls. We walked about, went through the ‘Graffiti Tunnel’ and sat down for a bit until James meeting thing. He then went of to see what this ‘Fellowship’ was all about and I went to the shops.

 At the shops I got some notebooks for my New Years Resolutions and one for random notes and thoughts. I’m such a ridiculous neat freak when it comes to notes and things like that, that my two ideas and fun books need preplanning before I write in them…so the aim is to use the little 3am book as something to just be messy in.

James then met me for a yummy Iced Belgian Chocolate thing, it definitely has those words in it’s name…I’m just not sure if it’s in that order. We had a lovely time chatting about his little meeting thing, it sounds pretty cool. If he does a writing module this semester he can be part of the ‘Fellowship’ (seriously makes me think of Lord of the Rings). Then next semester he can do some drop in sessions for other students to drop in for help with their writing, AND he can do some internships specially for the ‘Fellowship’. It’s all pretty cool. :)

We then looked around Target…and OH MY! Well, one I got a little excited about seeing some My Little Pony toys…haha! Two, DISNEY! They have re-released a whole bunch of movies that were in the Vault (if you were not in the know, Disney puts some movies in ‘the Vault’ for a couple to maybe 10 years so they aren’t available to buy for quite some time). A lot of the movies that have come back out are the ones I was looking for around Christmas…so I got some, well two. Robin Hood, one of my favourite Disney movies and Atlantis, because James has not seen either of them (I know, not having seen the Disney Robin Hood? Scandalous!).

By the time we had walked back to the apartment I was knackered! I was asleep most of the time between getting back and making dinner…knackered. A good day out I think!


  1. Looks yummy, and sounds awesome. Does this mean that James gets to "teach" people how to write. Are you sure that's allowed ;P.



    1. It may be teach of some sort, hehe. :P Should be interesting! :D <3