Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Lovely Saturday In and Out

Not the best photo...but I can only do so much with my phone...
Before I get to today, we had a lovely dinner out last night. James came and met me out at Coogee and we had some yum Fish and Chips and I showed him all the things that entertain me on my bus trip to and from work. I'm back at Coogee next week, I like it there. The stressed lady is a lot nicer when she knows you, she's just a very stressed, tense person with very strong views...I'm also making some friends there, and I know all the kids in the Toddlers room's names. So I am happy to go back next week. Starting at 7:45 though, so it's going to be some early mornings!

Today was a super awesome start to the weekend. I got to sleep in until 9, then showered and went to brunch with James at Urbanbites. Mmm, it was super yum. We both got the Brekkie Stack (the photo above) and it was a very yummy breakfast: Turkish bread topped with spinach, mushrooms, bacon, a fried egg and hollandaise sauce.  :D

We then walked through the University of Sydney to get to Officeworks (I needed a new top for my Bobble bottle). I love old buildings, which is probably why I loved Durham so much, and most of the Uni that we walked through was beautiful old buildings. The building below was apparently built so that they could be like Oxford and Cambridge (I'm so glad it's not just Durham that has a weird obsession with being like them!). It's a pretty awesome building though, and if you want inspiration for some beautiful old buildings the ones in Oxbridge are pretty good inspiration. :)
 We then wandered past Gopser Lane. :D There is no parking in Gosper Lane.
We then went to Broadway to see if Target had any nice coloured trousers. (Side note: I am currently obsessed with colourful trousers, I have a bright blue pair but would love more. My blue ones do come in other beautiful colours, but they are all sold out, bummer. So, I've been looking for others) They had some, but they fit funny. We then got James a planner so he can see when his deadlines are, and then it was food shopping. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my cooking days, and today I decided to try something from the yummy meals I've pinned. I let James choose, and he chose Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets and Brussels Sprouts with Avocado, Bacon and Lime.
They were both really easy to make, and so yummy. I think we are definitely making them both again. :D Yum yums.

Now to do some dishes...

PS: We got our tickets for the Sydney Comedy Festival today! We're going to see Simon Amstell, Danny Bhoy and Steven K Amos. We chose all the UK comedians, hehe! Very excited!

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