Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oh dear...

Today I was told by a three/four year old girl that no-one can look pretty without make up. I find that frightening.

In other news, annoying woman was equally annoying today...and I found out a lot of the other casual staff find her scary and annoying, plus some of the permanent staff don't think she's that great. It's always nice knowing I'm not alone in disliking someone. BUT, she won't be in the room I'm working in for the rest of the week, so YAYS! And, I think I have most of the kids names down. It takes me a while to remember some of the boys names, but I think I can now name them all, which is a HUGE help in getting them to do things and calming them down. It also helps me feel more in control and less lost when I know the names. :)

Another plus is that due to some new things the government has implemented about the qualifications required for working in Child care, yada yada, I get paid a bit more per hours! Yays!

And and, I'll be having a little Paris weekend with my mum whilst I'm back in Europe. Yays!

Now to eat and fall asleep. I am exhausted!

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