Monday, 19 March 2012

Work by the beach

Photo of Coogee Bay taken on my phone today.
This week I'm working out near Coogee Bay. This means taking a pretty long bus ride out to work, it's between 30mins to an hour. It's not that bad, and it is quite nice to see the beach before and after work.

I'm not really sure some of the staff at the centre make it worth going all that way for work, but it's only early days, and people have bad days. The staff member I was working in a room with today was really quite horrible, she was very negative about everything, barely interacted with any of the kids, never smiled and made the room feel very tense. If it wasn't for the kids being lovely I would probably have asked to not do the rest of the week, but the children counteract her attitude. I may think twice about working out there again though, we'll see how much we need the money. :P


  1. i do appear to be able to follow you, and it annoys me slightly because it means i cannot be as lazy as i like :( nice to hear i'm not the only grumpy sod in the world though :P

  2. Oooh she does not sound like fun! At least the kids are cool though, and think yourself lucky about the beach view.. I work on an industrial estate, all we see is cars, boring buildings and metal fences.. eugh x