Sunday, 25 March 2012

22 in 2 weeks

Colourful trousers from Dotti...ever since my blue pair I have been wanting more, I LOVE colourful trousers, a great way to add colour to my wardrobe. :) Might be treating myself to these some time soon.
In 2 weeks time I shall be turning 22. It's quite a scary thought, 22 sounds like such an adult age...and I'm not quite sure I'm old enough for such an age. :P It does also sound like an exciting age, so I am looking forward to being 22.
Anyhoo, since it is my birthday soon I thought I would make a lust list post, a post full of random things I am lusting after, because there is no better time to share things you want than around your birthday. :) :P So voila, the things that have been taking up space in my head these past few weeks.
Black Leather Ballet Flats from TOMS, I  got a pair of flats from them recently and they are so pretty and comfy (but a little bit too big), these are gorgeous. 
Boreal Blear Tee from Anthropologie. Gorgeous, simple and comfy looking, my ideal kind of Tee.
A beautiful, curvy vase from Anthropologie. I love the colour. Don't really have much space for it now, but it would look gorgeous in my future home. :P 
Savannah Story Bust from Anthropologie. I so need this somewhere in my home, I am obsessed with it! 
I saw these at the adoretea stall at Woden, and they are so gorgeous! Who wouldn't want to drink tea from heart shaped teacups? (Plus the colours are so very lovely!)
I've already said I'm lusting after this hat from Kate Spade, but just incase you had forgotten, I LOVE this hat! 
Linen Ballet Flats from TOMS, another beautiful pair I would like to add to my collection. :)
Beautiful Paris Paper Tape from Anthropologie, wouldn't it be lovely to wrap a package with these?
And finally some gorgeous Petrified Wood Magnets from Anthropologie. So pretty! :)
I love online window shopping, it fills my head with so many beautiful things! :)


  1. Those heart shaped cup and saucer sets are divine!!
    I can so relate to how you feel about turning 22.. 21 somehow sounds young, like you should be out partying etc, 22 feels like it's time to grow up and start acting like a responsible adult.. but then you realise, anything under 25 is still pretty young!!! (I'm turning 24 this year so I feel like my youth really is running out!)

    1. I adore that set! A must have in my mind! :)
      That's exactly what 22 feels like! I'm sure once you are 25 you will realise anything under 20 is still pretty young! :P