Friday, 2 March 2012

Resolution Progress - February

1. Learn more about Photography
I got a book! I have a book and a pen for my self-learning of photography. I would so love to do a course too, but I'll see how much I can learn on my own. Now I need to make time for it. I think I can use Thursdays since they will be my 'Me' days. :)

2. Lose at least 5kg
I've not been actively working towards this goal, but we have been trying to eat healthier and do some exercise. We have been doing much better with our eating (although we do have the odd 'bad' day like today) and we have to do a lot of walking to do most things outside of our place, so it's going well. I think I'm down about 1.5kg since the beginning of the year, so we're definitely doing something right. :)

3. Cook something new and healthy once a week
I am ready (ish) to start! I am planning on starting next week! Yays! BUT we don't have all sorts of trays and I may need to do some money spending on that...hehe. The above is what I am currently planning on attempting next week. :D

4. Bake once a week for a year
Also, ready (ish) to start next week. We have NO baking things, so I will almost most definitely need to buy some stuff for this goal. Agains, the image above is what I am currently planning on making next week. Yum!

5. Create Moustache notebooks
6. Create an Art Portfolio
Neither have any progress yet...but there is time. :)

7. Learn about Aboriginal Art
I have a book! I am super excited to have books for this and the photography goal because I have really wanted to start but had nowhere to put in my research and things. Again, I think Thursday may be a good day for progressing on this. :D

8. Use my 365 book somehow
Yeah...not done that yet, BUT it is staring at me every day, so I really want to start soon.

9. Try and achieve at least one of my 101 Dreams
I hadn't thought this one through, because I did accomplish it pretty fast. I would like to achieve another one some time this year...maybe liking my wardrobe? Haha...I don't think that one will ever happen. :P But a cruise to New Zealand doesn't seem too difficult to achieve at the moment. :)

I think I've got alright progress. Me being me I'd love to be closer to accomplishing ALL my goals, but then what would I do with the rest of the year? So it's good. :) This is definitely the longest I have worked at my resolutions! :P

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