Sunday, 27 January 2013



Today has been a very relaxed day. The rain that has been forecast for the last week finally arrived, so we took it as a welcome invitation to stay indoors and do indoorsy things. During the morning we got a visit from the little guy above. He was sitting on our balcony for a while, but decided to move to our neighbour's balcony when I got my camera out. He looks very wet, bless him. I've spent the day sorting out my half of our wardrobe, and making ladybirds and spiders for work. Our room is called 'In the Garden', my kids are the ladybirds and my colleague's kids are the spiders, we're making one of our walls into a garden mural on which we'll have photos of the kids as ladybirds and spiders, everyones birthdays in flowers, and clouds for each day of the week in which to put a little summary of what the kids have done during the day. James has made ice-cream. Yum! :)

I'm enjoying that tomorrow is a day off, AND I'm getting paid for it. Tomorrow will be awesome.

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