Tuesday, 8 January 2013







The place we are at has internet you need to pay for, but James has needed to sort out some bills and whatnots, so I have internet on my computer that it would be such a shame not to use!

Our holiday to Queensland has so far been wonderful. We arrived in Queensland at noon on Friday and drove to the Motel we would be staying in for the next two evenings. I had a little nap whilst the boys watched the cricket, and then we went to James' Aunt and Uncle's for a lovely BBQ dinner. It was super yum, and really chillaxed. We had a belated Christmas on the Saturday, after a morning shop  (hence the photo of my new Sharpies, I am maybe a little too excited to have Sharpies in my life again). It was a lovely day. Moments of it felt a little...slow...the cousins don't seem to actively chat to one another, so it feels a little strange. The atmosphere amongst the 'adults' is much nicer. We did enjoy ourselves a lot once we started playing Balderdash though, very fun. 
On the Sunday we got up early (and missed the family get together for breakfast) to get to Movie World as it opened. I wasn't extremely thrilled about the whole day, it takes a while for me to warm to theme parks. I think I may need to be forced onto a roller-coaster first thing as that seems to help me open up to the idea of going on more. :P In the end it was an awesome day, with lots of fun. James and I enjoyed posing for the cameras, we did a very good 'Serious Face', 'Scared Face', and 'Look Over There Face'. If we had a good amount of money to part with I would have bought them all, but we do not so I settled for a Wonder Woman top (which will make me feel awesome at work!). We then drove up to the coast where we are spending the rest of the week with pretty much all of the family that turned up to the Christmas do.
Both yesterday and today have been lovely and relaxing. I think this is going to be an awesomely rejuvenating holiday. I got myself 'Eat Pray Love' on the Saturday and have been loving reading it ever since. And what better place to be reading a book than on the beach. I've been loving the little views I catch over or to the side of the book as I'm reading. :)

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